LG-Ericsson IPLDK

The LG LDK digital hybrid systems are an efficient way of providing a scalable, low cost communications platform designed to give a medium sized enterprise a better way to manage both internal and external communications. Able to take a variety of handset types from analogue through to DECT and provide a wide range of call handling features across the hybrid network. Being modular systems they let you quickly and easily expand your phone system. A new range of phones,the 7000 series, has been specially developed for the IPLDK.

The ‘main office’ range consists of the IPLDK 50, IPLDK 100 and IPLDK 300 which share some expansion components. The smaller IPLDK 20 and IPLDK 24 (also known as the NEXER v3) are designed to work with the same handsets, software and external components, but are designed for smaller offices and SOHO deployment.

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Enhanced Call Manager Functions

Older models of LDK had a suite of Software applications to extend functionality to the Desktop. The PC Phone Lite and PC Phone Deluxe were two level of IP softphone, now replaced by IP Soft Phone and IP Soft Phone Deluxe. PC attendant allowed automated call handling, now replaced by the superior ezATTENDANT operator console.

There are also 2 levels of ezPHONE call manager, Entry Level and Deluxe, which has been enhanced by the addition of Individual Voice Recording via the PC. An incoming call can now be stored on a PC as a .WAV file, tagged with both the Calling Line Identity and Name (if known) of the caller. Control is via a simplified Graphical User Interface (GUI) and connection of a 7000 series phone to a PC is via a USB cable.

Enhancements to the voice call management include the ability to manipulate the recorded call in several ways. When it is being played back it can be ‘rewound’ in steps. It can also be forwarded to another user with a verbal annotation added. If the CLI was recorded, it is possible to call them back directly. A further function is available within the system, a ‘forced handsfree’ that allows any speakerphone capable terminal, such as the 70016D, to be activated even if the user doesn’t lift the handset.

The system can provide enhanced UCD for Call Centre application. A 3rd party Call Centre application is under trial, but the newest UCD features already provide an enhanced service:

  • Multiple Group Supervisor: It is now possible for a single user to be a supervisor for multiple groups.
  • Hunt Group Queue Breakout: Callers holding in a queue can now be given the option to dial a digit for an alternative location on the second comfort display message.
  • Queue Information Display: UCD agents can now get UCD information delivered to their desktop.

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VoIP and Networking

The IP LDK range has full VoIP capability, enabling multiple compressed voice calls routed desk to desk over a simple data link. This allows a users computer to become a phone, given a broadband/LAN connection and a headset. Two Softphone licences come with the system. Dedicated IP Hardphones are also available. The features common to the IP LDK range include:

  • Desk to Desk Dialing via extension numbers
  • Inclusion of a mobile phone as linked to an extension
  • Hot Desking capability
  • Call transfer over a link
  • Calling Line/Name Identification
  • Individual Voice recording including CLI/Name tagging
  • Busy station call back
  • Call waiting indication
  • 9 ‘conference rooms’ for up to 15 users
  • DDI Routing across network
  • Centralised Station Management Detail Recording (SMDR)

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Connection Diagram

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