Sophisticated Yet Affordable — QMS150i

QMS150i features comprehensive queue management functions normally found only in top-of-the-line systems. With advanced embedded system design, the sophisticated QMS150i queue processor blends with the ticket printer into a compact and elegant unit.

Ease of use and simple installation make QMS150i an ideal choice for a wide variety of situations. Indeed, with the affordable prices, there is no reason to line up your customers at your service counters any more; nor should you expect chaos and jostling at your service area any longer.

QMS150i is available in a number of models ranging from basic single counter to multiple counters with wireless connection. There is always a version that suits your application and budget.
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Main Features

Embedded system design with integrated ticket printer

  • Wireless technology
  • Multiple services
  • Configurable counter services
  • Primary & secondary services
  • Multistage queuing & transfer
  • Automatically detect plugged in devices
  • Wireless remote keypads & base station
  • 7-segment & dot-matrix displays supporting multiple languages
  • Voice module with MP3 quality for announcement
  • Fast thermal ticket printer (100mm/s)
  • Low running cost with non-proprietary thermal paper
  • Supports multi-part tickets
  • Modular & scalable design
  • Automatic recall of stored numbers
  • Battery backup for real time clock and queue data
  • Two types of counter terminals
  • Counter terminal functions: NEXT, CALL, TRANSFER, STORE, SERVICE, RECALL
  • Remote keypad functions: NEXT, STORE, CHIME, RECALL

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QMS150i Components

MD20LH LCD Main Display

  1. QP150 Queue Processor with Printer
  2. TP150 Thermal Ticket Printer
  3. CT150 Counter Terminal
  4. RK150 Remote Keypad
  5. BS150 Base Station
  6. RCD423/440 Remote Counter Display
  7. RCDM425/440 Remote Counter Display Matrix
  8. MD1423/2423/3423 Main Display
  9. MD1440/2440/3440 Main Display
  10. AD1425/2425/3425 Advanced Display
  11. AD1440/2440/3440 Advanced Display
  12. MD20LH LCD Main Display
  13. VM400 Voice Module
  14. PS8/16 Power Supply Hub

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